Berndt Feuerbacher

BERNDT FEUERBACHER is retired Professor of Space Physics at the University of Bochum, Germany, and Director of the Institute of Space Simulation of DLR, Cologne. His research activities concentrate on materials science under low gravity conditions (Spacelab, Sounding Rockets, EURECA, Mir, ISS), dust and gas in space, comets and small bodies in the planetary system. He is one of the initiators of the landing probe “Philae”, carried by the Rosetta mission to land on comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko in November 2014. His scientific results have been published in more than 190 refereed journal papers, he has authored 16 books and is holder of 7 patents.
After the German unification in 1990 he supported the integration process of the former Institute of Cosmic Research of the Academy of Science, German Democratic Republic DDR, founding two new DLR Institutes in Adlershof, Berlin. In 2006, Berndt Feuerbacher was appointed Founding Director of the new DLR Institute of Space Systems in Bremen.
Berndt Feuerbacher advises ESA, NASA, and the German space agency DLR in various functions. He was Chairman of the Microgravity Advisory Committee (MAC) and later Chair of the Human Spaceflight and Exploration Science Advisory Committee (HESAC) of ESA. He is Fellow of the European Physical Society and active in learned societies like the DGLR, COSPAR, ELGRA and others as Member, Board, and Council Member. He is member of International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) and was President of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) 2008 to 2012.