Ian Brown

IAN BROWN is associate professor of Earth Observation at Stockholm University, Sweden. He earned his Ph.D. at Dundee University, Scotland, with a thesis jointly supervised in the departments of Geography and Applied Physics and Electronic and Mechanical Engineering. Dr Brown works in applied Earth Observation focusing on climate change and environmental dynamics. He is particularly interested in the development and application of synthetic aperture radar algorithms for the measurement of snowpack parameters and forest cover. He works mostly in northern high latitudes investigating how interferometric and polarimetric remote sensing be deployed to measure seasonal snowpacks in alpine and boreal forest biomes. He is also working on mapping mangrove forest degradation and rehabilitation in partnership with local shareholders. Other interests include the identification of landcover change caused by conflict and the effect of atmospheric circulation on African vegetation productivity. He is the current Chair of the ESSC Earth Sciences Panel. He furthermore contributes to national fora on spacy policy, Earth Observation and science funding.