Roberto Piazza

ROBERTO PIAZZA obtained a Master Degree in Physics from the University of Milan in 1981 and a PhD in Quantum Electronics in 1987 from the University of Pavia. After having worked with W. Goldburg at the University of Pittsburgh, he became Lecturer in Pavia and then Reader in Politecnico di Milano where, since 2005, he is full professor in Condensed Matter Physics. He has also being invited professor at the École Normale Supérieure in Lyon (2011), Leverhulme professor in Cambridge (2013), and Debye professor at Utrecht University (2015). He is currently editor in chief of the Italian Physical Society and section editor of the Journal of Physics Condensed Matter for liquids, soft matter and biological physics. His research activity, mostly devoted to the experimental study of soft matter and complex fluids, has covered several topics ranging from colloidal suspensions to surfactant and protein solutions. He is also author of a popular book on Soft Matter, published in Italian, English and Chinese.
Since 2004, Piazza coordinates the ESA Topical Team (TT) on “Microgravity applications of colloidal suspensions and dispersed systems”, involving several groups in Europe, which fosters the planning and development of microgravity studies of a class of materials that, besides their interest for  basic research, plays a major role in many  technological sectors ranging from high-tech to the consumer market.  Besides, his group is currently involved in a collaboration with NASA concerning the investigation of colloidal gels in microgravity conditions.