ESSC fulfils its pivotal mission in Europe under the umbrella of the European Science Foundation (ESF) and the support of historic and new institutional stakeholders (European Commission, European Parliament, Academies, Research Councils, space agencies, etc) ensuring that the role of the ESSC is always efficient, amplified and diversified. This support allows to maintain a high-level independent body, providing formal and authoritative advice and expertise in the European space arena, by:

  • Underlining the role of space sciences and technology as basic pillars of the European space venture.
  • Supporting European visibility and enhancing the position of Europe in global space initiatives, also taking into account national priorities.
  • Assessing the status and perspectives of European space activities on a regular basis

The ESSC action can make a difference by helping space agencies to establish a science-optimised agenda that covers the most promising and broad space science themes and by providing expert advice on the status and perspectives of the European space activities, in cases where an integrated approach is needed. This is due to the unique position the ESSC achieved over the past decades, allowing to connect the decision makers and the scientific community, something that cannot be
supplied by any other European institution.

Many institutional stakeholders who fund or organise space research at their national level, support the ESSC. They thus benefit from the expertise and experience of the committee members (for instance in setting up roadmaps and priorities in European space science strategy and policy).