Antonella Barucci

MARIA ANTONIETTA (ANTONELLA) BARUCCI is Senior Planetary Scientist at Paris Observatory. Her principal interest field is the exploration of Solar System from ground and space to investigate the accretion and evolution processes of the planetary system.  She was pioneering in the study of the small bodies,  particularly of the Solar System new frontiers with several discoveries on the nature of trans-neptunian objects. Her work has resulted in 900 scientific publications and books with 400 international peer reviewed articles.

She was and she is involved on several  planetary missions: Cassini-Huygens, SMART, DAWN, Rosetta, BepiColombo, OSIRIS-REx, Hayabusa2. She was leading efforts to define space missions in the framework of the main worldwide space agencies. In 2018 she received the NASA Silver Achievement Medal Award for the exceptional outstanding contribution to the OSIRIS-REx mission.

She is at the present Director of the DIM ACAV+ (Astrophysics & Condition  Apparition of Life) which gather 24 Laboratories of the Region Ile de France.