Call for Papers to Frontiers in Space Technologies

ESSC have been contacted by Dr Granata in order to share the following call for papers.

"As a guest editor for a special issue of Frontiers in Space Technologies, I am soliciting a call for papers.
The focus of the issue is on technologies required to acquire, manipulate, handle, and analyze liquid samples in
space -with less emphasis on the performed studies and their outcome per se.

I would like to make the membership of ESSC aware that I am soliciting contributions for this publication

Dear Colleagues, Are you interesting in publishing an article in Frontiers in Space Technologies for a special issue on "Technologies for handling, preparation, and liquid-based analysis of microfluidic samples in space?

On behalf of the lead editor, Florian Kehl of JPL-NASA, and as a guest editor, I am soliciting titles of articles for the journal’s special issue. The focus will be on methods and technologies required to acquire, manipulate, handle, and analyze liquid samples in space, but not on performed studies and their outcomes. Frontiers in Space Technologies is a peer-reviewed, golden, open-access platform. To publish the article, the journal has a processing fee of 950 USD, however, if the author’s institution cannot cover this fee, the author can petition for the fee to be waived. If you wish to submit an article for you and your co-authors, please send me an Email with: 1) your first, middle, and last name (lead author only); 2) the title of your position and the name of your institution; 3) your contact information; and 4) the title of your article; Please let me know, as soon as possible, of your interest in contributing to this special issue of Frontiers in Space Technologies. Regards.

Tim Granata

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Hochschule Luzern)