Gerhard Paar

GERHARD PAAR is key researcher for space robotics and 3D vision in the JOANNEUM RESEARCH Institute for Information and Communication Technologies, based in Graz, Austria. He holds a diploma engineering degree for technical mathematics from the Technical University of Graz and has 30 years of experience in the field of computer vision and digital photogrammetry. His major research interest is the application of computer vision & sensor fusion for metrology, inspection, construction, robotics and space science. Gerhard Paar coordinates the ExoMars PanCam 3D Vision Team, and he coordinated the EC FP7-Space Projects PRoVisG, PRoViScout and PRoViDE, and the FP7-SME Project De-Montes. Gerhard Paar acts as project manager of ESA- and nationally funded space-related projects and is member of the European Space Science Committee. In the space science & exploration domain he is Co-Investigator for ExoMars PanCam and CLUPI, and for Mars 2020 Mastcam-Z.