Peter Preu

PETER PREU is a former department head of “Microgravity Research and Life Sciences” at Germany’s Space Administration (DLR Bonn). He earned his PhD in material physics at the University of Cologne. After working some time as a research fellow at the University of Cologne he entered space management in 1984 and worked in this field for more than thirty years in different positions and organizations (DLR, Federal Ministry for Research and Technology, former German Space Agency DARA). As department head he was in charge of planning, implementing and representing the national programme “Microgravity Research and Life Sciences” at the national, European and international level. He especially engaged in bilateral and international cooperation in the context of ESA, with individual ESA member states and other countries like the USA, Russia, Japan, China, and Brazil. For about 25 years he represented Germany as a delegate to the ESA Programme Boards “Microgravity” and “Human Spaceflight, Microgravity and Exploration” and to the Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) on the Scandinavian launching sites Esrange and Andøya. In addition, he was a member of several national and international Steering Committees and Advisory Boards.