Findings from the lunar samples returned by China’s Chang’e-5 mission

October 19, 2021

Three recently published Nature papers reported on the lunar samples returned by China’s Chang’e-5 mission. 

On behalf of the Europrean Space Sciences Committee, we would like to congratulate Mahesh Anand, Prof of Planetary Science and Exploration at the Open University, UK, and ESSC Solar System Panel Chair on coauthoring one of them. 

His paper reports primarily on water contents & regions in Chang’e-5 basalts. 

Read the papers:

  1. A dry lunar mantle reservoir for young mare basalts of Chang’E-5
  2. Non-KREEP origin for Chang’E-5 basalts in the Procellarum KREEP Terrane
  3. Two billion-year-old volcanism on the Moon from Chang’E-5 basalts
Hu S. et al, 2021