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ESA Space Summit Statement and Report

The ESSC was represented by our Chair, Professor Chris Rapley, at the ESA Space Summit 2023 in Seville, Spain on 6th November 2023. The ESSC delivered a speech and statement, which were supported by the Uplifting ESA Science funding report.


CMIN22 statement

Professor Chris Rapley, delivered a 4 min statement to the CM22 delegates, about the observations and recommendations of the ESSC on the ESA science programs.

Report and Recommendations to the European Space Agency Ministerial 2022

The Report is focusing on the scientific Strengths and Opportunities of the ESA proposal package, and have identified its forward-looking Aspirations and Results, whilst offering some Observations and Recommendations.

Position Statement of the ESSC on Commercialization of Space

With the emergence of a new space era, private companies as well as space agencies are finding new ways of exploiting space and providing new, innovative services. Read the ESSC statement on commercialization of space.


Ocean Worlds

Explore 9 articles from the topical collection Ocean Worlds, published at Space Science Reviews. Including, the Habitability and Future Exploration of Ocean Worlds, Key Technologies and Instrumentation for Subsurface Exploration, Ice-Ocean Exchange Processes, and many more.

ESSC Leaflet

With leading European researchers, we strive to be Europe's reference body for independent expertise on matters of space science.


Recommendations on fostering European talents in space science and education

ESSC presentation on EC organised workshop for Education and Skills in the field of Space and EU - Funded Research on 21/04/2020.

Towards a European Cal/Val service for earth observation

Societal dependence on, and commercial and scientific exploitation of Earth-Oriented remote sensing from satellites is growing at an exponential rate. The comprehensive EU Copernicus programme provides a major contribution to the global effort, but even so, to achieve the necessary global and temporal coverage requires synergistic cooperation and associated interoperability of the Worlds sensors.

Read the paper on the European Cal/Val service for earth observation.


ESSC statement on COP25 outcome

The ESSC notes the failure of COP25 in meeting the expectations for a global, fast and effective action to deal with climate change andurges all the nations to continue their negotiations and to act upon the overwhelming scientific evidence that urgent measures are needed to safeguard our planet for the next generations.

ESSC-ESF address to the ESA Council at Ministerial level

The European Space Sciences Committee acknowledge the value of the Space19+ science programme's proposals submitted by the European Space Agency at the Ministerial Council 2019 and strongly encourage subscription by its Member States.

ESSC-ESF position on the Space 19+ Programmes of ESA

In preparation for the 2019 ESA Council at Ministerial Level, the European Space Sciences Committee (ESSC) of the European Science Foundation (ESF) wishes, as in the past, to convey a number of recommendations to the European Space Agency (ESA) and its Member States, but also to other European actors and stakeholders relevant to space scientific programmes, like the European Commission (EC).

ESSC Contribution, Consultation Horizon Europe - October 2019

The ESSC recommendations for topical issues of relevance for Horizon Europe.

Assessment and recommendations for a consolidated European approach to Space Weather (full)

Over the last 10-20 years there has been an ever-increasing international awareness of risks to modern society from adverse and potentially harmful – and in extreme cases even disastrous– space weather events. This reports gives recommendations in six relevant areas to space weather.

Condensed Report>>


Recommendations to the Ministerial Conference of ESA Member States

SCH-ESSC Position Paper: Humans in Outer Space Interdisciplinary Odysseys

ESSC-ESF Position Paper: Scientific Evaluation and Future Priorities of ESA’s ELIPS Programme
Report from the Sasbachwalden Workshops, February 2008

ESSC-ESF Position Paper: Science-Driven Scenario for Space Exploration
Report from the European Space Sciences Committee (ESSC)