ESSC Plenary Meetings

ESSC plenary meetings are held twice a year to bring together ESSC members, the and secretariat and the representatives from major European and International institutions to discuss space science matters. 

67th Plenary Meeting - Strasbourg 2024
65th Plenary Meeting - Lisbon 2023
64th Plenary_Leiden_GroupPicture
64th Plenary Meeting - Leiden 2022
Strasbourg 2022 Cover
63rd Plenary Meeting - Strasbourg 2022
MicrosoftTeams-image (1)
62nd Plenary Meeting - Remote 2021
ESSC 61st Plenary
61st Plenary Meeting - Remote 2021
60th_Small group picture
60th Plenary Meeting - Remote 2020
59th_Small group picture
59th Plenary Meeting - Remote 2020
ESSC 58 Plenary
58th Plenary Meeting - Brussels 2019
57th_Amsterdam19_Group picture
57th Plenary Meeting - Amsterdam 2019
ESSC 56th Plenary
56th Plenary Meeting - London 2018
55th Plenary Meeting - Geneva 2018
54th Plenary Meeting - Oberpfaffenhofen 2017
53rd Plenary Meeting - Athens 2017
52nd Plenary Meeting - Strasbourg 2016
51st_Rome16_Group Picture
51st Plenary Meeting - Rome 2016
50th_Paris15_Group Picture
50th Plenary Meeting - Paris 2015

ESSC External Meetings

ESSC actively collaborates with the European Space Agency, the European Commission, national space agencies and national research funding organisations. 

Ocean Worlds
ExoOceans Study Group Meeting
ESA Ministerial Councils
Dominique Langevin with colleagues, representing the ESSC at the 2019 Space Science Week
Space Science Week
Living Planet Symposium