ESSC Statement on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

March 02, 2022

The European Space Sciences Committee (ESSC) condemns the attack on Ukraine, abhors the violence taking place, deplores the human casualties and sacrifices, and implores those in a position to do so to restore peace at the earliest opportunity.

As scientists, we seek knowledge and understanding for the benefit of all humanity.

We believe that the scientific enterprise is universal and recognises no boundaries or borders.

We especially value the ability of scientific collaboration to achieve ends impossible for a single group or nation, and to create friendships and mutual respect across borders, reinforcing our common humanity.

These principles have been upheld over the last half century to great common benefit, despite periods of extreme difficulty, in times of conflict, war and breaches of international law, and regardless of political systems, ideologies and convictions.

We are committed to ensuring that these principles prevail.

Hence, as circumstances permit, it is our determination to maintain or resume professional collaboration with any scientist in the world who is willing to subscribe to the same principles, and is committed to the open and uncensored exchange of scientific knowledge and necessary technical information. 

Our hearts and thoughts are with our fellow scientists and citizens suffering the consequence of this brutal assault, and those who have the courage to speak out against it.