65th Plenary

05 - 07 June 2023

ESSC 65th Plenary Meeting

The European Space Science Committee (ESSC) met for their 65th plenary meeting between 5-7 June 2023. The meeting was attended by participants from the ESSC members, the ESSC Secretariat, and the representatives from European and International institutions, such as the European Space Agency (ESA), the Physical Research Laboratory (PRL), and the Portugese Space Agency (PSA).

Invited Guests

Kirsten McDonell

European Space Agency Research and Payloads Group 

Rune Floberghagen

Head of Science, Application and Climate, European Space Agency

Joan Alabart

Industrial Relation and Project Officer of the Portuguese Space Agency

Carole Mundell

Director of Science Programmes (SCI), European Space Agency

Anil Bhardwa

Director, Physical Research Laboratory, India


  • “Detection and characterization of Earth like planets using high resolution spectroscopy”Professor Nuno C. Santos, Porto University
  • PSA presentation, Joan Alabart
  • Indian Space Programme presentation, A. Bhardwaj
  • ESA / SCI presentation, Carole Mundell
  • ESA / HRE presentation, Kirsten McDonell
  • ESA / EOP presentation, R. Floberghagen

to see the presentations, please contact essc[at]