55th Plenary Meeting

Geneva Observatory, Switzerland, 23-24 May 2018

The European Space Science Committee (ESSC), Committee composed of 34 scientists met for their 55th plenary meeting on 23-24 May at the Geneva Observatory (CH). The meeting was attended by 40 participants including representatives of the European Space Agency (ESA), European Commission (EC),  Committee on Space Research (COSPAR), The Russian Space Research Institute (IKI), The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), The China Academy of Space Technology (CAST).


  • Prof. Willy Benz, European Southern Observatory
  • Dr. Arthur Charo, Space Studies Board, US
  • Dr. Mark Drinkwater, ESA-EO
  • Dr. Jean-Louis Fellous, COSPAR, FR
  • Prof. Günther Hasinger, ESA-SCI
  • Dr. Oleg Korablev, IKI, RU
  • Dr. Renato Krpoun, Swiss Space Office, CH
  • Dr. Salvatore Pignataro, EC
  • Dr. Andreas Schoen, ESA-HRE
  • Dr. Yoshio Toukaku, JAXA, JP
  • Dr. Jinchen Zhao, CAST, CN
  • Dr. Chi Wang, CAS, CN


55 ESSC Plenary Album