ESSC Members

Serge Flamenbaum

Senior Advisor and Expert in Space Systems R&D, Technology and Innovation, FR


Enable the development of great Space Sciences and Applications in all domains through Advanced Systems and Technologies.

SERGE FLAMENBAUM is retired and acts as Senior Advisor and Expert in Space Systems R&D Technology and Innovation.
He is a member of International Astronautical Academy (IAA)
From former MATRA Espace, MMS, ASTRIUM then AIRBUS Defence and Space, he held successive missions :
From 2005 to 2021, He was Vice President as Head of Space Systems Technical Strategy, R&D, Technologies collaborating and co-innovating with external stakeholders as Space Agencies, European Commission, MoD and Partners (Midcaps, SMEs, RTOs).
From 1980 to 2004 , he was involved in successive responsibilities in major Space programmes (Earth Observation, Science, Telecom, Exploration…) for Avionics-GNC, Optical and Microwave Instruments developments then in Technical and Industrial planning.

He has contributed to various committees and initiatives to support Space developments as :

  • Co-Chair of ASD-EUROSPACE (European Space Industry Association) R&T Committee (2005-2021)
  • Co-chair of French COSPACE Earth Observation Applications and R&T WG (2014-2021),
  • Chair (ad personam) of ESA “Future Technology Advisory Panel (FTAP)” (2011-2014) and previously as member (ad personam) of ESA advisory exploration committees: ACHME and EPAC (2006-2011)
  • Member of the Board of the “Regional Innovation Agency” (ARI) of Midi- Pyrénées (2006-2011)

He has been awarded the Aeronautical Medal in 2018.
From 2015, he is member of the board of SEMECCEL (Cité de l’Espace-Envol des Pionniers Toulouse)
He has a Master Engineering graduate from Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité” (1979): Automation and advanced control and a Master of Business Administration “Institut d’Administration des Entreprises” Paris (1982)