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The James Webb Space Telescope – An Unfolding Story

The James Webb Space Telescope—the most powerful and complex cosmic observatory ever built—is now fully deployed. After an incredible amount of meticulous planning and almost half a year of deployment and commissioning, in addition to slowly unfolding over two weeks, it is now on a mission to study the earliest stars and explore every phase of cosmic history.

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2021 Wrapped

On behalf of the ESSC, season’s greetings & happy new year to you! We thank you for your contribution to our team in 2021, and we look forward to more endeavours in 2022.

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New window to the early Universe and other worlds about to open

After more than twenty years in the making, the James Webb Space Telescope is finally prepared for launch. Named after a NASA director during the Apollo era in the 1960s, the telescope will add to our knowledge of the early Universe, tell us more about how galaxies form and evolve, and look for signs of life outside our Solar System.

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Celebrating Dominique Langevin’s ESSC Journey

After eight successful years with the ESSC, Dr Dominique Langevin will be stepping down as the ESSC Life and Physical Sciences Panel chair. In this blog, we share stories from her scientific career working with major European organisations and the International Space Station (ISS).

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