We are Surely being Watched?

So the Mexican extra-terrestrials may have turned out to be cake. And the NASA report on UFOs was inconclusive. But we are surely being watched? The Universe reverberates with physical action, but biological action appears rare. This could be because the lifetimes of technological species are short, or because those that endure choose to hide their presence. If the latter, we would surely be a phenomenon of interest? Four and a half billion years after its formation, a rocky planet orbiting a nondescript star is hosting a species that in the blink of a cosmic eye has commandeered the land surface, split the atom, revealed the chemical basis of its biology, and ventured into nearby space. It has signaled its presence by light and radio emissions, and the occasional nuclear flash. And it is in the process of undermining its natural life support system at a prodigious rate. Will it survive? Or will an Alien PhD thesis shortly conclude that, despite our undoubted scientific and technological prowess, our institutions were incapable of preventing the intellectually and morally bereft of our species from occupying positions of power – with calamitous consequences? 

Some good music though.

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