The ESSC is currently chaired by Professor Chris Rapley (University College London, United Kingdom) and includes 29 members across four panels: Astonomy and Fundamental Physics, Earth Sciences, Life and Physical Sciences, Solar System and Exploration.

Astronomy and Fundamental Physics Panel - AFP

  • Stéphane Udry -Panel Chair (University of Geneva, CH), exoplanets
  • Conny Aerts(KU Leuven, BE), asteroseismology
  • Nabila Aghanim (Université Paris-Sud, FR), cosmology CMB, reionisation, galaxy clusters
  • Ravit Helled (Center for Theoretical Astrophysics & Cosmology, University of Zurich, CH), exoplanets
  • Saskia Hekker (HITS, Zentrum für Astronomie, University of Heidelberg, DE), stellar physics
  • Michael Perryman(University College Dublin, IE), astrophysics
  • Manolis Plionis (National Observatory of Athens, GR), cosmology, galaxy formation
  • Juri Poutanen (Tuorla Observatory, University of Turku, FI)

Earth Sciences Panel - ESP

  • Maarten Krol - Panel Chair (Wageningen University, NL), atmospheric physics. & chemistry, climate
  • Camilla Brekke (UiT The Arctic University of Norway, NO), remote sensing, synthetic aperture radar, marine and sea ice applications
  • Anny Cazenave (Laboratoire d’Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiales, LEGOS, FR), ocean altimetry
  • Michaela Hegglin (University of Reading, UK), satellite observation, atmospheric transport, chemistry-climate coupling, atmosphere biosphere interactions
  • Yann Kerr (CESBIO,FR), SMOS mission, land hydrology, land surfaces
  • Sindy Sterckx(VITO, BE), optical instrumentation and cal/val
  • Pepijn Veefkind (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, NL), Sentinel algorithms and climate

Life and Physical Sciences Panel - LPS

  • Dominique Langevin - Panel Chair (University Paris Sud, FR), fluid physics and foams
  • Sarah Baatout (Belgian Nuclear Research Centre, BE), biology  
  • Kai Bongs(School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Birmingham, UK), quantum physics, atom interferometry, optical clocks
  • Alexander Chouker(Hospital of the Ludwig Maximilian University, DE), integrated physiology
  • Marc Heppener (Consultant, FR), human spaceflight and exploration
  • Ann-Iren Kittang Jost(CIRiS, NTNU Social Research, NO), plants, interdisciplinary research, payload integration, operation
  • Zita Martins (Instituto Superior Técnico, IST, PT), astrobiology, cosmochemistry
  • Anne Pavy-Le Traon(University Hospital of Toulouse, FR), neurology
  • Peter Preu(DLR, DE), materials
  • Hubertus Thomas(DLR, DE), complex plasmas

Solar System and Exploration Panel - SSEP

The previous ESSC Chairs were Doctor Athena Coustenis (France, 2014-2020), Professor Jean-Pierre Swings (Belgium, 2007-2014), Professor Gerhard Haerendel (Germany, 2002-2007), Professor John Leonard Culhane (United Kingdom, 1998-2002),  Professor François Becker (France, 1994-1997), Professor Heinrich J. Völk (Germany, 1987-1993), Professor Johannes Geiss (Switzerland, 1979-1987), and Professor Harry Massey†, founder (UK, 1975-1979).

The Chairperson is assisted by the ESF Office: Dr Emmanouil Detsis (ESSC Executive Scientific Secretary), Ms Mariette Vandermersch (ESSC Administrator). Mr Jonas L'Haridon (Junior Science Officer), and Mr Nicolas Walter (ESF Chief Executive Officer).